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How to exchange Monero using Bisq

What is Bisq? Bisq aka BitSquare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto. This is a fully decentralized exchange that requires users no names, email IDs or verification. This is a true anonymous peer-to-peer network that uses Tor and does not hold your fiat or cryptos on their servers or in their account. Each and every..

Running a Monero Node

Nodes are an essential part of the Monero network infrastructure. They store a copy of the blockchain, and they can be configured to share the data with other nodes and users as well. Running a node is the only way in which you can obtain the highest level of privacy and security when you are..

Glossary of essential Monero terms

Balance When you send funds to someone, they will appear in the person’s balance. After the Monero network confirms the transaction ten times in about 20 minutes, your funds will become spendable, and they will be listed as part of the unlocked balance. CLI / Command line interface This is a text only application that..

Why choose Monero over Bitcoin: Monero’s main advantages: Privacy, Mining Algorithm, Adaptive Block Size Limit

Monero’s privacy is essential Monero is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin with the main difference that your activity is always kept confidential. Users store their funds via a software application called a wallet. Each wallet comes with its own receiving address, and you will have to tell people this address so that they can..