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Creating your own Monero paper wallet – Safe offline storage

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You can print your very own Monero paper wallet to write the Monero wallet seed. Using a sheet of paper, write down your 25-word Monero seed onto the wallet. It’s recommended that you use a ball point pen or another pen that contains permanent ink that will not smudge. You can also write down the date that you created the wallet and any notes about the contents of it.

This seed is the only information that you will need to restore full access to your Monero funds.

It’s true that knowing the seed will give you full access to your stored Monero, but knowing it won’t also restore any address books, payment descriptions or list TXKEYs that are required for proving the existence of past payments that you may have stored in your online wallet.

This will not be a problem if you are only using the wallet for offline storage because you will be using a different online wallet for your daily Monero transactions and you’ll also be able to keep digital backups of that particular online wallet.

Anyway, for most people, knowing the 25-word seed is the only essential piece of information that needs to be kept as safe as possible. Fold the paper.


Use holographic seals and pill capsules for enhanced security

For enhanced security, you can also place numbered holographic security seals over the top and bottom of the folded sections of the paper. These seals will make sure that you will be able to tell if anyone was able to gain access to your wallet.

You can also use pill capsules that will protect the paper from your pets, kids, water or fire and so on. You can find these on Amazon and similar sites. After putting the paper in the pill capsule, place it somewhere safe.

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