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What Is The Best Mobile App For Monero?

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Monero (XMR) is rated as the best privacy coin out there, and the transactions that users make are always kept anonymous. Monero has been gaining more and more popularity due to its privacy-centric features, and more XMR enthusiasts are entering the crypto space. Privacy and anonymity are vital features when it comes to crypto, and the team behind Monero always understood this. The Monero project has even been called Satoshi Nakamoto’s true vision of what Bitcoin was supposed to be.

It cannot be highlighted enough just how important it is to choose the right wallet/mobile app as an XMR holder.

It’s not a secret anymore that Monero (XMR) users used to have a pretty hard time storing their coins on their mobiles due to the fact that wallets for iOS devices did not exist until recently. But Cake Wallet was launched, and since then, Monero users can enjoy a lot of benefits.

Cake Wallet gained the trust of the Monero community 

The Cake Wallet is a dedicated wallet for XMR and users can send, accept, and also exchange their XMR as safe as possible via this mobile app. This wallet is allowing blockchain transactions without needing to run the full node. This is because the mobile app is an open-source wallet. The company has also incorporated face recognition and fingerprint technology in order to keep the wallet safe.

It’s also worth noting that the Monero wallet developers declared the entry ofCake Wallet on their authorized site back on April 24, 2018. They approved CakeWallet asaniOS wallet and the chief inventor of this mobile app “Pinkphloid” said about getting registered on the getmonero.org that this was an important milestone that the team was able to achieve.

According to reports, Cake is the only iOS wallet that’s registered by Monero.

Another thing worth mentioning is that at the beginning, the wallet’s code has been kept close, but back in February 2018, the development team transformed it into open source. This move led to the fact that the Monero community gained more trust in the app.

Encouraging the adoption of XMR – Best features of Cake Wallet

Another great move that Cake Wallet is making is the fact that the team behind the app is supporting the adoption of Monero because people can easily download the wallet on their mobile phones. The features that make the app the best choice is the built-in exchange function that Cake Wallet has.

Cake Wallet is by far the best user app for Monero. Besides being sleek and fast, the app flaunts features such as exchanging to BTC by using partner exchanges in the app without having to leave it in order to achieve this. Users also have the ability to scan QR codes. Another feature worth highlighting is that the wallet syncs really fast. The wallet has incorporated exchanges for XMR, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETH.

Back on May 14th, Cake Technologies LLP has revealed that they launched an updated version of the Cake Wallet which has been boosted and added more features.

The wallet is live, and it can be easily downloaded. The update implemented significant changes, and it brought a new fresh look to the Cake Wallet. The best new feature is that the wallet is now powered to do sub addresses management and accounts much better than before. They also added a third exchange: ChangeNow.io. This is an important exchange that we’ll be addressing separately in a separate section of our guide.

It’s definitely not too far-fetched to say that Cake Wallet provides the best Monero Wallet for iOS and Android compared to other apps we’ve been reviewing so far.

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