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Beware of Monero Scams: Changelly & HitBTC Will Freeze Your XMR If You’re Over A Certain Amount

> Beware Warning Scams>Safety > Beware of Monero Scams: Changelly & HitBTC Will Freeze Your XMR If You’re Over A Certain Amount

The Monero community has reported from time to time all kinds of issues with certain websites. It’s important to do your own research before using some sites, especially the ones that have a bad reputation. It’s always best to use the official Monero website.

Troubles with the following platforms:


Changelly was reported to have some customer service issues, and you will find various such reports on Reddit detailed by more users. On the other hand, according to users’ opinions, if you write to the exchange, they will eventually pay you what they own even if they freeze your funds. Changelly itself says that their team never stored user deposits and explains: “If a transaction has stuck and you can’t receive your money, there is always a reason. Basically, it happens due to missing destination tags, incorrect wallet addresses, overloaded blockchains, too low amounts that can’t cover the network fees and plenty of other issues that in most cases are fixed. For those reasons, there is always a support team ready to help you out.”

On the other hand, users don’t agree and claim that their funds were frozen a lot of times, so it’s best to be extra careful.


HitBTC has also been reported to freeze users’ funds if they are over a certain amount. You will find enough complaints regarding this exchange on Reddit as well, and it seems that Monero users have been avoiding it for quite a while. You will find a lot of threads online addressing the controversial nature of HitBTC, and this is the main reason for which there’s also need for increased caution when using this platform as well.

It’s best to always inform yourself before using controversial crypto exchange platforms because your own money is at stake.

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