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Verifying your Monero funds with a private key

> Tutorial > Verifying your Monero funds with a private key

It’s best to keep some of your funds in long-term offline cold storage especially if you want to be able to prevent your Monero from being stolen if your computer gets hacked.

This way, your funds would be stored in a wallet that you don’t keep stored on your everyday computer. You would instead reboot to a newly installed OS that is free of malware and download the wallet software, disconnect the computer from the Internet and create an offline wallet. After this, it’s recommended to write down the wallet seed and delete the wallet from your computer and eventually reboot.

You have to check whether your funds have been successfully transferred to your offline wallet. In order to do this, you will need to know your wallet’s secret view key and address.

To display your view key, you will have to run the command line wallet and then type the following:

[wallet 47CL7F]: address


[wallet 47CL7F]: viewkey

secret: ff7cefd5bbfe88e0ef672d85c30ffd8e779769b1ab4866a20ad2aaa92815490a

public: a0bc7f63eb578148a578167fabf3367f87a43ee601d9feda98c803c135c0b509


You will need the secret view key. If this ever gets disclosed, you risk that someone views your funds. This is the worst that could happen and it’s important to understand that your Monero funds cannot be stolen.

After you got the secret view key, you will be able to create a new wallet that will only able to view Monero funds on a computer that’s connected to the Internet. This will require the command line version of Monero. To create a command line wallet from your view key, you will have to follow the commands that you see below. Remember to replace myviewonlywallet with the filename that you what to use to save your wallet:

./monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key myviewonlywallet

Monero 'Wolfram Warptangent' (v0.10.1.0-release)

Logging at log level 0 to /root/monero/./monero-wallet-cli.log

Restore from specific blockchain height (optional, default 0): 0

Standard address: 49FHDu3KvqmKQXCrUDDpBLYfew2S8FvM9F2U8P5iAjanAGMwkPje2oCYbHjRGsbn2U7gSccUdqNK966BYtWr2inZMFoQdia

View key: ff7cefd5bbfe88e0ef672d85c30ffd8e779769b1ab4866a20ad2aaa92815490a

Enter a password for your new wallet: **********

Confirm Password: **********

Generated new wallet: 49FHDu3KvqmKQXCrUDDpBLYfew2S8FvM9F2U8P5iAjanAGMwkPje2oCYbHjRGsbn2U7gSccUdqNK966BYtWr2inZMFoQdia

Starting refresh...


You will be able to use commands such as “balance” if you want to check the contents of your view only wallet. You will also be able to import the wallet file into your Monero GIU to view the balance and the transaction history.

There is also a way in which you are able to monitor your funds and see whether they got stolen using a view only wallet. This will require you to export the key images from your full wallet to your view only wallet.

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